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Studies show that women need to feel safe during labor and birth... if a woman feels any fear, tension or uncertainty, it can prolong and even stop her labor. 

We know how important it is to set a beautiful and calming space for the birthing person but it often is the last thing we are thinking about! The need to take care of her trumps setting the environment. 

This is where we step in... We are your Birth Space Builders. 

Birth Space Builders

An example of some add ons available

Certified Birth Doula, Bradley Method Birth Education, Placenta Services, Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor

​Serving all of Long Island

Envision opening your eyes to a room magically set to your expectations. You hear light music in the background and realize it's your birth mix. There are soft candles, warm fairy lights strung around, and a beautiful, calming tapestry hanging on the wall. By the windows, there are several birth affirmations hanging. You can smell the gentle scent of essential oils set up to aid you in your relaxation during your labor. 

Left for your partner to support you further are several massage tools, guided scripts for relaxation, a hand fan and instructions on how to do some of the most popular massages for labor. 

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