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The very first birth I supported was the birth of my niece. I had no idea what to expect but I knew my sister needed me there. The experience was incredible. I didn't know that 12 years later, it would be my passion. I have had four very different births. My first I went into with very little knowledge. I went into it thinking everyone would be on my side. The providers I had hired to care for me would have my best interests in mind. I thought the midwives and nurses would advocate for me.

I received standard of care.

My job as your doula is to help you advocate for yourself. To support, love and keep you in a safe space during your birthing time. To ensure that you know your options and to help you receive individualized care based on your needs and wants. I am there for YOU and your partner, should they be present.

I would be honored to be there supporting you and your family.

Please contact me today and we will meet for a cup of tea or coffee and you can decide if I am a right fit for your family.